Steel Bullet Trap

We have developed a non-traditional steel bullet trap that is a blend. It takes the best of a vertical and horizontal steel trap to make the most perfect trap. We also took an old technology drag conveyor and adapted this to our trap to remove lead fragments and dust safely, keeping lead in the trap and not on the floor.

The results? Bullets striking replaceable impact plates, not the trap housing you invested good money in, that will provide a lifetime of reliable service. The Perfect Trap.


(patent pending)


Construction: AR Plate Steel
Funnel Plate: Fit, No Overlap
Throat Plate: ½” AR Plate
Impact Chamber: Replaceable Deflector
Deflector Rated: Specific to Caliber of Fire
Caliber of Fire Rated: 44 Mag, .308, 50 BMG
Inspection: Removable Rear Door
Door Material: AR Plate
Standard Lead Collection: Sealed Bucket
Options: Rubber Tire Drive, Lead Collection Drag Conveyor, Industrial Vibrator (to shake lead dust)


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